Asian Institute of Technology

The pictures from when I was in Thailand in 2003. I was studying at Asian Institute of Technology along with a lot of cool people. The pictures looks like, it was one long party-vacation... Well... We had fun!

Tour de AIT October 2003 A tour around campus
Beach Party 1
Beach Party 2
Beach Party 3
5/11-2003 The party in the student village with Antho and Nico
One Night in Bangkok
The day after
AIT party
15/11-2003 Just a random weekend in Bangkok
Strange Thai Stuff
More Thai stuff
The last stuff about Thailand
26/11 - 2003
All kinds of wierd things, we discovered in Thailand
Thursday in the cafe 1
Thursday in the cafe 2
20/11-2003 Just a day in the cafe, where me and Conlad were making drinks
Last Party in The Cafe 1
Last party in The Cafe 2
1/12 -2003 Auch... Laitettava!
Jul i Thailand 21/11-2003 How Xmas showed up in Thailand
AIT Zoo 22/11-2003 The animals you can find in AIT
23.12.2003 23/12-2003 Merry Xmas
Around X-mas 2003 How we celebrated chrismas
Kho Chang 1
Kho Chang 2
Kho Chang 3
End of december 2003 The relaxing days at Kho Chang including New Years party
Cambodia 1
Cambodia 2
Cambodia 3
Beginning of january 2004 The trip to Cambodia
Railai Beach with Jenni january 2004 Our goodbye trip to Railai Beach
Post Scriptum 20/1-2004 Coming home to DK again

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